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    This isn't about selling.  You know how to do that.  Learn how to get the meeting you need to drive pipe and exceed targets

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    The Art of Being Relevant

    The Art of Being Relevant

    This isn't about selling.  You know how to do that part.  But getting a meeting with a key executive who can sponsor you, your product or your ideas - whether it be a CEO, CIO or similar is often extremely difficult.  They are inundated with sales calls and emails, and you only get one chance to stand out.  Thankfully this book makes it much easier with a simple and refreshing approach.  

    After 10 years of research and practice, top performing salesman Paul Roberts, has developed a strategy which has helped him secure meetings with people who are often extremely difficult to reach.  Taking his successful conversion rates on outreach from under 10% to averaging a 80% success rate, Roberts discusses how this simple approach works and how you can implement it incredibly quickly by being more relevant.  From meeting with CEO's to potential mentors, Roberts discovered he could get past gatekeepers and reach those elusive executives by personalising his approach, using a methodology he calls "The art of being relevant"  Now he shares his methodology, cadence and approach to help you become more successful at securing those hard to get meetings.

    After reading nearly every book available on prospecting, social media marketing, cold calling and so on, Roberts decided that none of these strategies were as successful as the methodology he developed.  Forget the hype of social selling...bring it back to one thing - relevance.

    In "The Art of Being Relevant - How to Book a Meeting with Anyone", Roberts explains how you can use the "The art of being relevant" methodology to book those critical meetings.  He provides methods and tips developed from years of actual field practice - not some creative marketeer providing ideas for prospecting - easy to implement strategies with real life success stories and templates to help you secure more meetings.

    Using platforms such as LinkedIn

    Since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion, people have been questioning the reason behind the acquisition.

    With over 433 million members globally and growing, LinkedIn provides a wealth of information which you can use to secure meetings with those hard to reach execs.

    Learn about how to harness job changes, status updates, mutual connections and groups to secure meetings.

    Using news stories to generate meetings

    We live in a world full of information, and news stories are constantly released across a variety of platforms - many of them niche.

    Keeping up to date with relevant stories relating to you customer or prospect base is essential if you are to have relevant conversations with key executives.

    Learn how to use news aggregator platforms such as Feedly and Google News, or automated services such as Artesian to stay up to date and use stories to drive better quality engagements.

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